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About Rumble

Welcome to Rumble In the Park

You’ve just made the first step to a fitter and healthier you.

Rumble in the Park is a boxing for fitness boot camp provider located in Surbiton, Surrey. Whilst Rumble’s focus is on boxing this is only one aspect of the boot camp. 

The great thing about our boot camps is every class is different and varied, to not only keep you motivated, but to ensure your body doesn’t adapt to the exercise.

The format of the Rumble in the Park Boot camps consists of but not limited to:

  • Boxing for fitness involving basic punches, body weight exercises and short distance running
  • Outdoor circuit’s – involving a number of interesting exercises using equipment like steppers, medicine balls, ropes, weights etc.
  • Team exercises – involving group rope work

To get more of a taste on what we’re about check out the video footage on the home page.


Tell me more about the Free Trial offer?

Rumble in the Park is offering a no obligation FREE trial session to all new starters. This will give all new starters an opportunity to try Rumble before becoming a member. Simply book your trial session by heading over here and registering. Once you have registered you will have access to book in to a free trial session on our timetable. 

What makes Rumble in the Park different from the military style boot camps on offer?

  • Variety: Whilst the focus is on boxing, that’s just one element of the boot camp. You’ll be exposed to a variety of exercises and equipment in both the boxing and circuit classes of the boot camp. You won’t get this type of variety in Military style boot camps as they’re generally restricted to the number of exercises you can perform with your body weight (push ups, sit ups, squats and a lot of running).
  • More for Less: Studies have shown that the most effective way of increasing your level of fitness is through interval training. Guess what, boxing for fitness is one of the best forms of interval training around and due to the anaerobic nature of boxing you’ll continue to burn calories post-work out
  • Boxing: Boxing is arguably one of the most effective ways of toning and conditioning your body. Not only are you working your arms, shoulders and legs, but your core muscles are getting one hell of a work out as well.
  • Less Running: For the reasons mentioned above, we don’t need you to run around the park constantly to get results. The classes do involve some running, but only shorts sprints interspersed with interesting exercises.

I’ve never done any boxing before and quite frankly the thought of wearing boxing gloves frightens me, should it?

Absolutely not!!

The emphasis is on Fitness and the only thing you’ll be hitting is a pair of focus pads.Consequently we won’t teach you how to fight, however our instructors will show you how to do all of the exercises both safely and effectively. In truth most people are a little intimidated about boxing, however with a little understanding and a willingness to try something new, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about and you’ll see that it’s not only a fantastic way to train, but an excellent way to de-stress.

What level of fitness do I need to have to participate?

Rumble in the park is not suitable to everyone…..namely the very unfit. To determine if you fall with in this category please answer the following question or call an instructor to discuss.

How would you describe your current level of fitness?

  • Very poor (I’ve never exercised before or I can’t remember the last time I put on a pair of training shoes)
  • Poor (I go for the occasional bike ride or walk but still get out of breath walking the stairs at the station)
  • Average (I can do 30 - 60mins of moderate exercise, perhaps even twice a week involving a light jog or a fitness class)
  • Above average (Would have no trouble doing a 60min exercise class 2 – 3 times a week)

If you’ve answered,

  • Very Poor: Let’s have a talk. Please contact your local Rumble in the Park instructor to discuss your current level of fitness and your suitability. If the Rumble instructor believes you won’t get the most out of the classes than the instructor will provide you with an exercise program and/or advice to get you on track to participate.
  • Poor: There's a very good chance you'll still be able to participate. Book a free trial session with the rumble instructor by emailing frazer@rumbleinthepark.com. The instructor will use the session to gauge your current level of fitness.
  • Average/Above: Let’s get Rumbling!!


I’m very fit, in fact I’m training for an event at the moment, would Rumble suit me?

Absolutely, no matter what your level of fitness our instructors will ensure you’re being challenged in every class. Rumble in the Park boot camps are structured around the 3 main fitness systems, cardiovascular, strength and muscular endurance. So whether you’re training for a marathon, a tri-athlon or a 5 mile charity run, Rumble in the park will both supplement and enhance your event training.

Do I need to bring anything to the classes?

The instructors will provide all the equipment necessary for the class, even boxing gloves. However it's recommended that you purchase a pair of your own boxing gloves and an exercise mate, both of which are relatively inexpensive.

Don't forget to bring Water and to wear appropriate work out attire.

What happens in the event of Bad weather?

  • There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing and a bad attitude!!

Weather adds to the experience, in fact the hardest part of training in unfavourable weather is stepping out the front door. Once you have, you’ll be glad you made the effort; the feeling of being close to Mother Nature is one of invigoration. However the instructor may cancel or re-schedule a class if it’s unsafe or if the local environment doesn’t allow for it, in which case members will be notified via sms/email.


How do I get some more information?

Give us a call 07468 497719 or alternatively email frazer@rumbleinthepark.com